Blue Cross | Blue Shield To Give Americans a Free ‘Lyft’ to the Hospital

TLyft-Uber Logoshe reality is that, sometimes, people have to travel to a physical hospital or doctor’s office in non-emergency medical situations. And that’s a major challenge for millions of Americans who don’t have their own cars or easy public transport options to take them to a medical provider. In fact, transportation barriers are the main reason behind missed or delayed appointments for an estimated 3.6 million people, according to the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA).

Now, the insurance federation is launching a national effort with ride-sharing giant Lyft to tackle this very problem—while also gleaning insights into how social factors affect people’s health. Under the collaboration, people with certain Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS) companies’ plans (the firms cover some 106 million Americans) will be able to get a ride to the hospital at zero cost to them.

The medical transportation service will be rolled out over the next several months and incorporate Lyft’s platform into a new BCBS service delivery model.

Other companies have struck similar deals with health care providers. For instance, Lyft competitor Uber has its own programs for delivering non-emergency medical transport. But the new BCBS project is on a whole different scale.

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