A Healthcare Alert: Know Your Courier Well

What Do You Know About The Drivers Making Your Deliveries?

How would you explain to your patient, your laboratory, or management team that your courier driver disappeared without making the important delivery you ordered? Or that he showed up 3 hours late with a bunch of excuses?


Recently courier companies desperate for drivers have been seen posting driver jobs on Craigslist. Do you know how well your courier’s drivers are screened and trained for the job? Are they trained employees, or part-time contract drivers? Do they use their own family vehicles for transporting medical specimens, or do they use only company owned and maintained vehicles? These are all important questions you should know to limit your liability, and the potential of a delivery blunder.


Bio-Test Express is a Superior-Class Courier Company Because our Mission and Values are Clearly Defined, and Our Employees Are Well Trained!

The purpose of Bio-Test Express transportation services is to provide its valued clients with a highly specialized service backed by professional and caring employees who have made it their mission to receive, transport, and deliver blood-related materials under strict quality-control guidelines.

Bio-Test Express Drivers Average Over 35 Years of Driving Experience!

The manner in which driving excellence is accomplished is by screening and employing only the finest people available, and by providing them the best equipment and material needed to do their jobs. All new hires receive special orientation and advanced chain-of-custody training for the proper care and handling of the items we transport. This is all done to ensure and guarantee our valued clients the integrity of the items Bio-Test Express transports.

Bio-test Medical Courier Training
Hitting the Road. Our Operations Managers thoroughly train all new hires, who will quickly have command of every procedure, and perform them as efficiently as our senior-most Couriers.